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Our Services

At Perfect Sound we offer a wide variety of professional activities related to the audiovisual and entertainment world. These range from dubbing, sound effects creation, sound design, script adaptation, audio editing, audio mixing, and format conversion to translation, localization, and subtitling.

We have a purpose sustained by the entertainment culture and the foundations of a company built with love and effort. Our commitment to achieve an immersive experience is based on quality, on the dedication of our team, and on our experience over the years. All of those assets together make the dreams of our clients possible.

Also, we understand that it is our duty as professionals to continue developing our sphere of action to ensure that we offer our projects to the public in a relevant and contemporary way. For that reason, we’ve placed a lot of emphasis on learning to build an inclusive and diverse environment, and translating that learning into practice—both for our workspace and for the products we work on.


We give our all to provide you with the top dubbing, localization and post-production services.

Thanks to the horizontal structure of our company, we can work on several titles or sections of the same title at once through a controlled and efficient workflow.

Video Game Localization

We adapt the original product to its new target market. We localize the text, we dub the dialogue in our recording booths, and we consider ourselves part of the projects that we are entrusted with.

Film and Television Dubbing

We translate the text, look for the best professionals to play the requested characters, adjust the scripts, and record with the utmost quality, always thinking about the client’s needs and remaining committed to meeting the final viewers’ expectations.

Anime Dubbing

We have also dived into the world of anime, a different sort of audiovisual work which comes with its own set of challenges. Our team consists of passionate professionals who try to preserve the cultural and artistic context of these works, while at the same time adapting them for their new audience.

Other Services

We have also developed other services based on the needs of our clients, such as subtitling, audiobook and podcast recordings, sound design, and quality control of any audiovisual product.

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