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Video Games Localization

At Perfect Sound, we work hard to produce the best cultural-linguistic adaptation of all video games we collaborate on, so they can reach their new target audience. We picture the localization process as employing a fusion of the technical, artisanal, and artistic skills related to language in order to allow people to enjoy digital entertainment products to their fullest.

Our Video Game Localization Services

In the few last decades the international demand for video game production has increased, and the success of many titles depends on their adaptation to diverse languages and cultures. At Perfect Sound we seek to answer this demand: to provide the video game sector with efficient tools for games to transcend language barriers and be enjoyed to the fullest by players.

The languages we work with are: EN > ES-ES / ES-LATAM / PT-BR

We have two different localization options for our clients: Full localization or partial localization.

Full localization includes translating all of the game text (menus, subtitles, manuals, etc.) and dubbing the original recorded dialogue into a new language. This is the most complete and natural way of introducing the video game’s universe into a whole new context in which new players will enjoy it. That is why it is a worthy investment for most titles, even if it is more expensive.

Partial localization does not include audio recording. It focuses on the translation of the dialogue in the script, so that it can be displayed onscreen in the target language, usually as subtitles. Obviously, all the other game text is translated as well to deliver a complete localization. This option is more suitable when the budget is tight, but the client still wants to explore new commercial frontiers.

Frequently, when dealing with the Spanish-speaking market, there is a preference for a mixed formula in which ES-ES is fully localized, and then this localization is adapted into ES-LATAM. That means opening two different markets for the client while considerably reducing their total expenses.


In addition to localizing all the linguistic components of each game, including manuals and subtitles, we also translate patch notes, marketing text, partner websites, etc. We can count on a vast network of professionals who are specialists in diverse genres and who have more than a decade of experience in this sector.


All of our translations are thoroughly reviewed. We can also provide proofreading services for those cases in which our clients need to adjust their texts due to updates, source script fixes, terminology changes, etc.


For clients who want to localize their products for languages with multiple variants, such as Spanish, one possible option is to adapt the text from one of those variants to another by partially rewriting it so that it fulfills the target tongue requirements.

Perfect Sound provides ES-ES > ES-LATAM adaptation services.


Dubbing the original voices has become a crucial demand when localizing many video games.

At Perfect Sound we have professional recording rooms, a huge actor pool, well-versed directors, and the proven experience that allows us to meet the most demanding quality standards.

In order to accomplish these tasks, we rely on our own memoQ server which guarantees the safety and confidentiality of all the materials we handle while also giving us complete control over localization processes.