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We are an audio recording studio founded in 2010 which specializes in dubbing and localizing movies, TV series, video games, and other audiovisual works. Our facilities were created with the utmost care and the latest technology, with two identical recording booths and cutting-edge equipment to help our passionate team of localization veterans obtain the best results.

What do we do?

We specialize in translation, recording, dubbing and post-production for all types of audiovisual works.

Our Services

Video Games Localization

We adapt the original product to its new target market. We localize the text, we dub the dialogue in our recording booths, and we consider ourselves part of the projects that we are entrusted with.

Film and Television Dubbing

We translate the text, look for the best professionals to play the requested characters, adjust the scripts, and record with the utmost quality, always thinking about the client’s needs and remaining committed to meeting the final viewers’ expectations.

Anime Dubbing

We have also dived into the world of anime, a different sort of audiovisual work which comes with its own set of challenges. Our team consists of passionate professionals who try to preserve the cultural and artistic context of these works, while at the same time adapting them for their new audience.

Other Services

We have also developed other services based on the needs of our clients, such as subtitling, audiobook and podcast recordings, sound design, and quality control of any audiovisual product.

Our Clients

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Our Achievements

In 2020 we were granted three awards during the annual competition arranged by