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Anime Dubbing

Anime, or Japanese animation, is gaining visibility in the everyday lives of people around the globe, and naturally Perfect Sound has been one of the companies supporting its accurate adaptation and localization.

Our Anime Translation and Dubbing Services

We provide translation, dubbing, and mixing services for anime. The popularity of Japanese animation has exploded in the last several decades, which is why we make sure that our translators and artistic directors take special care with the original meaning of the material while they adapt it to the understanding of worldwide audiences.

Anime Dubbing

Just as a strong dub is important to the fans of any other foreign movies or TV series, it’s a must for anime enthusiasts, too. While some adaptation is always necessary when translating and dubbing, controversy over how much localization is appropriate is never-ending among fans. This is especially noticeable when the sociocultural backgrounds are very different between the original language and the target language, as with Japanese and Perfect Sound’s target languages. The differences are not only linguistic, but cultural, too—and no audience will interrogate these differences more passionately than the anime audience.

Thanks to our experience and flexibility, we are the ideal studio for anime production work. Perfect Sound will always aim to work with the best professionals, as well as to provide the necessary tools and resources to make the result satisfactory to the audience it is intended for.