Once upon a time...

About Perfect Sound

Perfect Soundwas founded in September of 2010 in response to an increasing demand for professional audio production services in the film and video game industries,as well as in the entertainment world in general (podcasts, audiobooks, documentaries, reality shows…).

In 2019, we moved into a new facility with state-of-the-art equipment that allows our team of committed professionals to use the full range of their talents and achieve greater client satisfaction.

Our vision has allowed us to broaden the number of language combinations we offer, adding Latin American Spanish (LATAM) with the help of professional studios on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean that allow us to offer the same services and quality for those territories. During 2021,we have also perfonned some English (UK) dubbing. Our passion and perpetual drive have led us to expand even more into the Brazilian market, and we will start to offer our professional services for that market starting in 2022.

Professionals ready to give their best to each project.

We are a family. We are not afraid to dream, and we are not afraid to take action. We have an innate desire to be better and to reach our maximum potential. Each one of us has the capacity to find their own way to success, so we love supporting our people. We don’t settle. We encourage innovation, curiosity, and commitment in our peers.

We are flexible. We are always looking for new ways to help our clients make informed decisions, mitigate their risks, and obtain the highest standard of quality through our partnership. Our rapid response adapts to the needs of our clients, applying appropriate procedures based on comprehensive and independent analysis.

When I started in the profession in 2002, I would have never thought I would collaborate in worldwide recognised videogames and Oscar nominees movies.


I started in Sicronía Studios. Things started looking not-so-good and I moved to a small studio, giving me the chance to know more actors and take on not only recording and mixing, but also directing, producing, actor management...


In 2007 Sonoblock came to me with a job offer I could not refuse. I started with them for 2 years, until I started the Perfect Sound project in 2010.


Since then, we take care of recording and port-producing numerous videogames for the leading companies in the industry: Activision, Bethesda, EA, Microsoft, Ubisoft... on top of dubbing movies for cinema and television.


With all this experience, so many hours "hitting 3" and going over the same scene over and over again, in 2019 I decided to make my dreams a reality. I moved into a 350m² space, outfitted with state-of-the-art recording and mixing boooths, worthy of the client's new necessities.

After 15 years as CEO of Synthesis Iberia SL, having opened offices in Mexico and Brazil and having worked for all main distributors and producers in the industry on their AAA projects... I have become what I am a reference In the video game localization industry.

I am an entrepreneur with a very clear work philosophy. I believe above all, even above KPls, in people. I bet on self-managed teams in constant evolution, without hierarchical pyramids, owners of great creativity and flexibility, never forgetting friendship.

I love being a part of Perfect Sound because we are a tribe of professionals sharing the same values, and thanks to our passion and dedication we achieve everything we set our sight on. But don't be afraid, it is not part of our plans to dominate the world, for now,we are satisfied with quality being our defining trait... and obtaining the six gems of infinity.

I studied dubbing as part of my preparation as actress. and in 1996 I was one of the founders of the first Spanish company focused mainly on the videogame industry, becoming the General Manager of DL Multimedia and covering the position for more than 15 years.During my professional career I learned the importance of teamwork and how to face every challenge with a good dose of humor.

I was lucky enough to take care of great titles, both in videogames and cinema working with companies such as CD Projekt RED, Activision, Atari, Blizzard Entertainment, BBG Entertainment, Bethesda Softworks, Ubisoft, Nintendo, Sony Computer Entertainment, Konami, Sega, THQ, 505 games, Take 2 Interactive, Lego Media, Mattel, Fox. Warner Bros.Cartoon Network, MTV, Paramount, BBC. NBC-Universal... and Icould always count on great priofessionals in my team.

I consider myself loyal, straightforward and thorough. I produce direct, dub, I am really one-of-a-kind.

The Queen of Swords sends her regards.

It has already been 15 years since Istarted working in the videogame industry,with the drive of being part of a trade that can only be compared to the seventh art. I have been a translator, tester, localization manager, project manager... all the way to the shores of what Iconsider my working home.


Surrounded by great proessionals and best f riends, I am convinced the only impossible thing is that which you do not try. We want to improve the art of the audio-visualworks we undertake and we are proud of this, knowing we are in the right place.


I am a grinning, well-disposed friend of my friends and I learned how to make every day count,instead of counting them.


With the exception of my phisique, I am the spitting image of Captain America.

Audio technician with more than 20 years of experience in the industry. I started in the dubbing world by chance, and it ended up becoming part of me. I started, as many do, recording and then mixing movies and TV to then,In 2006, focusing my professional carreer towards videogames.

I am specialised in everything concerning the post-production and the sound effects creation environment. In the last 10 years Ihave enjoyed a lot taking care of acclaimed titles such as Heavy Rain,wow,Starcraft II, Diablo o Days Gone...


I am a perfectionist to the core as much as creative, and I get involved 200% in each project (my head ends up being a small project backup). I love leaving my little mark in an audiovisual production. it's really satisfaying and feeds the artist Ihave hidden inside of me.


I enjoy teamwork and I am a quiet person,and even though sometimes the Hard Metal overtakes me, in the end Iam a small muppet. A smile is the best sounding wave.


Peace and love.

I studied to become an image and sound technician in the I.F.P. Príncipe Felipe of Madrid.


My extensive portfolio includes the sound design of several Spanish TV series like Siete Vidas, Aída, Matrimonio con hijos, Los Simuladores or A Medias.


I also worked as sound mixer for numerous international films and TV series such as: Supernatural, Waltz with Bashir, The Raw Reality, Ponyo, Jackie, Sing Street, The Wind Rises, Final Portrait, Kings, The Old Man And The Gun, Shadow.


In the field of videogames, I have take care of the recording and post-production of titles including: Dead Space Fifa, Need for Speed, Hearthstone, Assassin's Creed, Call of Duty, Horizon, Destiny, Mafia.


I also recorded and post-produced for cinema: Che, The Argentine and Che, Guerrilla.


I really enjoy perfecting the audiom creating and making people feel through the intangible, the invisible energy that covers it all. Even if the image prevails over the audio, there would be no Freddy Krueger without his blades, no Nostromo without its motors, lightsabers without their characteristic sound or dragons without their hollow, surrounding voice. We are 50% of the audiovisual experience, and I'll always try to give it my 100%.

My life has always revolved around languages. Travelling,getting to know new cultures,learning from other people and their experiences...


That's why Idecided to build a career around them as well. I worked several years as a translator from English and Japanese, although I later discovered that what really interested me was the other side of things. I explored Project Management from very different points of view, but even then Ifelt Iwas missing something. Then I decided to specialize in Localization Engineering. This made me get closer to Videogame Localization, where I believe I have found the challenge I needed. As of today,I believe that the correct organization of the projects from the very beginning is the key for them to be succesful. That's why Icompletely dive into each and every one of them.


I have worked in projects with high-profile clients and leadin companies in the industry, in which I like to believe I put a little part of me. My new challenge now is to guide my projects not only in their translation phase but also in the audio field. My coworkers say I'm a crazy cat lady,and that is completely true.

Since I was a little girl I was fascinated by the cinema world and devoured film after film, which made me become interested in dubbing and subtitling.


I studied Translation and Interpreting and later on I completed a Master's Degree in Audiovisual Translation for Cinema and Television. However, life showed me other paths so I could discover Videogames Localization. I have managed projects from various genre, which allowed me to broaden my horizons.


Now, in Perfect Sound, I have the opportunity to work with my two true loves,and also to do it alongside with a group of great professionals from which I am still learning everyday, always with a smile.

So Fetch!

I carried the gamer gene on my core ever since my father played Super Mario 64 with me and my brother more tan 18 year ago.However, during my high school period,it seemed impossible to find a job related to videogames, so I decided to study something else that I love: languages.

I studied the Translation and Interpreting Degree in Soria, but videogames and audiovisual translation kept calling me. Therefore, I got into a Dubbing,Translation and Subtitling Master in which a videogames localization subject was offered.


Thanks to that Master, I was able to go into an intership for a company where films and series were dubbed. It got me even more interested in the audiovisual world. After that intership I was able to join another company dedicated to those videogames l wanted to get involved with so badly. I began as Localization PM aprentice and I could work with a great range of titles which taught me many things about that field.


Now, in Perfect Sound, I hope to keep working and learning fromthese great professionals and even better people. I'm also eager to learn combining text and audiovisual fields,as well as working with videogames, films and series in order to become an excellent Global PM. Nevertheles, the actual reason Icame to this company is to feast on all the sweets and chocolate I can find around,so one day I can found my own chocolate factory.

I have been working in the video game industry since the Atlantic winds brought me from Mexico to Spain several years ago. My academic preparation in Latin American studies allowed me to review and adapt texts with a broader vision of language and culture. The list of video games that have passed through my hands is wide and diverse.


I love literature because there is always a lot to discover and I watch movies because the visual worlds that they offer intrigue me. I dance salsa, merengue. Yoruba dance, cumbia and whatever they put on me (well, I try). I am a traveler, I am always willing to learn with a good humor and Ienjoy good company.


I work at Perfect Sound with a group of friends and great professionals, from whom I learn every day. Eager to help and pitch in when needed, in addition to delivering high-quality products.

We are part of an exciting industry. And we want to contribute to generating culture. We know nothing can be achieved without trying, and therefore we face all challenges with courage and motivation. All our employees, clients, and end consumers are treated with trust and respect, as we believe that inclusivity and diversity should be the foundation upon which we build our society.

We are professionals. We bring in the skills and experience of each member of our team to add value to the projects we work on. We become aware of our clients’ wishes and needs by approaching our projects in a personalized and analytical manner, in order to obtain the best results in an industry that’s forever changing and innovating every day.

We are optimistic. It’s in the most significant moments of their leisure time that our work reaches the end consumers. From day one, we’ve always supported the families, the workers, the artists, and all of the people that make this world a wonderful place. Our industry is in the hearts of the people during plenty of joyful events in their lives. How could we ever feel any other way than passionate, curious and committed to the end user?